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About Me

Veteran Actor/Director Ame Livingston has been performing and creating in various mediums across the nation, with extensive experience in presentation and speech coaching, and many commercial, film, television, and theater credits to her name.

Ame was a professional Singer and Actor at Walt Disney World for over 22 years. She Directed and was the Female Lead in the theatrical show, “Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret”. This show toured the US for 2 years and was  featured on NBC, CBS, FOX Nation and TEDx Santa Barbara 2019.

Currently, Ame has dove into the Voice Over World, has returned to the Commercial Scene, will be staring in a huge Convention in Orlando in April of 2021, has a new Film releasing soon, and she is also currently working with the Air Force on Empathy and Diversity Training.

Drop Me a Line!

Thanks for reaching out! ~ Ame

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