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Celebrating 22 years with Walt Disney World

22 years ago today, was my very first day singing for the Walt Disney Company. I moved to Orlando the day after graduating from Fredonia State University and thought maybe I’d stay for a year or two. 22

Years have passed, and I couldn’t feel more grateful for all of the joy, adventures, and magic this company has given me. From Voyage of the Little Mermaid, to Bear in the Big Blue house; from Epcot Vybe to The Hoop de Doo Review; from Playhouse Disney to Disney Convention Shows; from Holidays Around the World to Finding Nemo: The Musical, I cherish each and every moment. Thank you to all who have believed in me and supported me, every step of the way! #22magicalyears #waltdisneyworld #22yearswearingears #disneycelebration #voyageofthelittlemermaid #bearandthebigbluehouse #playhousedisney #epcotvybe #thehoopdedoorevue #hoopdedoorevue #findingnemothemusical #holidaysaroundtheworld #grateful

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